Gary builds a room edition that makes a mother proud.

Gary’s Home Improvement was contacted by a customer who wanted a room addition built for her aging mother. It had to be spacious and comfortable. The space needed to be “her” space so she could maintain her independence and dignity. There was a pretty tight timetable …

Picture 1:
We started by getting the site work ready by removing the siding and getting the exact measurements needed to make the floor in the existing home match perfectly with the new floor. Then we dug out the required crawl space and footer depth. Take note of the ruts in the ground caused by equipment and material deliveries.

Step 2Picture 2:
The footer was poured and leveled to the correct grade height.
Step 3Picture 3:
The required courses of block were laid for the correct floor height.
Step 4Picture 4:
We then began construction on the floor.
Step 5Picture 5:
The walls were built and included 2 windows and an entry door for outside access. The ceiling was important because we also had to match the existing roof line to have the finished look of carry through.
Step 6Picture 6:
This shows the sheeting on the walls and the rafters built which also were sheeted.
Step 7Picture 7:
The house wrap was installed as well as the windows and door. A small covered porch was being built for egress as well as a place to set and enjoy the country setting.
Step 8Picture 8:
The porch and deck area are almost completed and the shingled roof was put on both structures.
Step 9Picture 9:
Steps are added to the porch and facia metal is installed.
Step 10Picture 10 and 11:
The interior work was in progress complete with new electric service wired to code.
Step 11

Step 12Picture 12:
We installed a laminate floor and installed the trim per our customer’s requirements.
Step 13Picture 13:
Here is the finished project-a nice room addition and covered porch area with steps going out to the lawn. There is a slight color difference between the old and new siding due to UV fading. The customer was aware of this before the project began and said to go ahead. Take note of the lawn where there were ruts caused by traffic. It has been filled in and leveled out and reseeded. We had that deadline to meet and we made it. In fact, we were done 2 days before the mother was scheduled to move in. I had the pleasure of meeting the mother a couple of weeks later and she said she was thrilled with her new home. She said it was perfect, with a beaming smile on her face.Simply put, your satisfaction is our # 1 goal.

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